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About Us

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Gems 4 Jewels, LLC was created in 2006 by Lourdes N. Fernandez, and Maria Eugenia Valdes-Balsinde. Lourdes is a former Home Economics teacher, entrepreneur, owner of Fabrics at Work and Baskets with Etiquette and Broker/Realtor with EWM.  Maria Eugenia is an Interior Designer, and Fashion Designer,  who owned her own prestigious store in Costa Rica: Disenos Isa. Maria Eugenia designed and manufactured her own line of furniture for over 30 years. 

Both design and create pieces that are:

One of a Kind Everyday Jewelry

 Maria Eugenia and Lourdes can master the Metal Smith aspect of the business and have created many original Sterling Silver designs.  Many of the rare, exotic stones they use in their designs come from their travels from all over the world.  Amethyst from Brazil, Citrine,  Aquamarine and Amethyst, from  the mines of Uruguay, Turquoise from Peru, Taguas from Ecuador, Murano Glass from Venetia, Lapis lazuli from Chile and many more.

Gems 4 Jewels, is meticulous in their craftsmanship.  They work with Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, Silver Filled, Brass ,Tibetan Silver to mention a few.  Most of their work is Hand Wire-Wrapped or Hand Knotted with Silk Thread.  

Best Beading classes in Miami. Learn the Ancient art of Pearl Knotting, the intricacy of Wire Wrapping, Design Statement Earrings, Learn how to make Chan Lu style bracelets, Bracelet sets, Leather cord necklaces to mention a few.  

Gems 4 Jewels, LLC sells their creations online and at their store at Creative Cove in the Bird_Road_Art_District. 

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