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Multi strand Olive Biwa Pearl necklace

Multi strand Olive Biwa Pearl necklace


Multi strand pearl necklace with Olive Biwa Pearls. The beautiful Olive color Biwa beads are carefully hand knotted to create movement in the piece. The strands interact with each other adding dimension and depth to the design. The necklace closure is a Silver plated push ring clasp. A Majorica Olive Green Pearl is the drop charm on the clasp. This can be removed or changed for other charms. The necklaces 18” long

What are Biwa Pearls?

Biwa pearls are unusually shaped cultured pearls that come from the freshwater mussels found in Lake Biwa, Japan. They have been produced since the 1930s and made pearl ownership much more attainable for people who could not afford natural and cultured saltwater pearls.

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